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    October 8, 2018

    Is Your IT Company Setting You Up for Failure?

    We are extremely excited about the launch of our new ecosystem called is group of companies and vendors who take security seriously and understand the necessity of securing their business to better protect your practice. If your IT vendor is not implementing HIPAA and cybersecurity within their business, could their data breach or compliance issue be your next disaster?

    Companies in the ecosystem have or are undergoing a comprehensive security and compliance review by Black Talon Security, LLC to independently audit the process they currently have in place. We implement the same stringent testing and compliance standards that we do with our dental practices to help you, the practitioner, feel confident that the vendor you are dealing with will not put you in a compromised position in the event of an issue with their business.

    As a covered entity, you the practitioner, need to make sure your Business Associates (i.e., IT Company, software vendor, imaging provider, consultants, etc.) are following the HIPAA laws by implementing HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity within their businesses too. Take this opportunity to thoroughly review the relationships with your vendors and ask them for documented proof that they are in compliance with state and federal laws. Do they have documented HIPAA and cybersecurity awareness training? Do they have a complete and up to date HIPAA manual? Have they done vulnerability scanning and penetration testing on their network to guard against cyberattacks? What would happen if their network was compromised and a hacker gained access to your network by getting your IP address, username and password?

    Contact Black Talon Security today to learn more about protecting your practice and selecting the correct vendors.

    Here is a list of our current vendors:

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