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    Multi-Layered Cyber Prevention

    Combat cyberthreats with our expansive suite of services. We go beyond data breach prevention, offering specialized awareness training as an integral part of our full range of solutions to fortify your business’s security.


    Full Visibility and Proactive Management

    With EAGLEi, gain full visibility into potential cyberthreats through AI-powered proactive threat detection and response. Our platform constantly learns and evolves, enabling it to fight back against emerging attacks, ensuring robust security for your business.

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    Empower Your First Line of Defense

    Empower your employees to become your organization’s first line of defense against cyberthreats. Our comprehensive training programs educate and equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to identify, respond to, and mitigate risks effectively. Strengthen your cybersecurity posture and ensure compliance with security laws through specialized training with both offensive and defensive strategies.

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    Complete Cyber Solutions — Going Beyond Data Breach Prevention

    Protect your business with our extensive toolkit of services. We offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity, combining advanced technologies and expert strategies to safeguard your critical assets.

    Vulnerability Management

    Strengthen your network security by identifying and closing potential entry points for hackers. Our unparalleled vulnerability management solutions help you proactively mitigate risks and stay ahead of threats.

    Penetration Testing

    Simulate real-world cyberattacks with our penetration testing services. Our skilled ethical hackers will uncover vulnerabilities in your systems, allowing you to address weaknesses and fortify your defenses.

    Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    Equip your workforce to identify and mitigate cyber risks effectively. Our expert cybersecurity training builds a vigilant team, ensuring compliance and fortifying your organization’s security posture with both offensive and defensive strategies.

    Cybersecurity Assessment

    Gain insights into your organization’s security posture with our cybersecurity assessment services. Our experts will evaluate your systems, policies, and procedures to spot vulnerabilities and help you fast-track improvements.

    Virtual CISO (vCISO)

    Access the expertise of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) without the cost of a full-time position. Our vCISO services provide strategic guidance and leadership to help you navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity.

    Application Testing

    Ensure the security of your third-party software applications with our application testing solutions. Our extensive assessments identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to strengthen your software security. 

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    Prepare your business for potential disasters with our disaster recovery planning services. We help you develop and implement robust strategies to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen events.

    Threat Intelligence and Response

    Proactively hunt and neutralize threats with our modern Artificial Intelligence-powered technology. Our advanced threat intelligence and response strategies bolster your data breach prevention efforts.

    Autonomous Remediation Solutions

    Experience the power of autonomous remediation that rapidly patches and resolves vulnerabilities, ensuring a strong security posture without the need for constant human intervention. Proactive offense and defense at their best.


    Black Talon has been an invaluable partner, ensuring our practice's cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance. Thank you for your expertise and dedication!

    Lynn Howard | Practice Administrator, Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Thanks to Jules and Black Talon Security, our employees received comprehensive HIPAA training that truly hit home. We're confident in our compliance.

    Courtney Dietrich | Practice Manager, Dietrich Orthodontics

    The challenge is that robust security is something not handled by our IT companies. The answer is to utilize a 3rd party company who can implement a multifaceted solution to help minimize the chances of an attack.

    Dr. Michael T. Dachowski | Pennsylvania Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Associates

    Ready To Uncover Your Vulnerabilities?

    Elevate your defenses and minimize cyberattack risks with the standard in data breach prevention. Contact us today to engage with a cybersecurity specialist to audit your network and ensure critical vulnerabilities are addressed.

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