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Is Your Business at
Risk For Cyberattacks?


Devices Secured Across the World


Penetration Tests We Have Conducted

$500K - $1.5B

Revenue of Businesses We Secure

Ransomware and data theft can happen easily. It can cost you weeks of business interruption and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your IT company is not enough. At Black Talon Security, our expertise in cybersecurity makes it easy to protect your business.


Vulnerability Management

We scan your computers and firewalls to identify vulnerabilities that hackers use to gain access to your network and steal your data.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We train your employees so they don’t fall victim to social engineering scams and give up access to your network and data.


Extended Detection and Response

Our artificial intelligence based software prevents threats by autonomously responding…replacing your outdated traditional anti-virus software.


Penetration Testing

Our penetration testers assume the role of a cybercriminal and try and breach your network with the goal of ultimately preventing a future intrusion by identifying improperly configured devices and software.

How Our Cybersecurity Services Work



Contact us to signup.


Deploy our vulnerability and security agents on all computers in your business.


Wait 24 hours and access EAGLEi to review all your security data and findings.


Enroll your employees in our Cybersecurity Awareness Training platform.


Schedule your Security Risk Assessment with one of our credential security experts (CISSPs).


Sit back and know you have a second set of eyes on your network and are being protected by a company who specializes in cybersecurity.


Look for your monthly security alerts, graphs and data…all delivered right to your desktop or mobile device.


The Ripple Effect of a Data Breach is Paralyzing

Don't leave your business exposed to a data breach, ransomware, or fines by risking everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Please contact us today for a cybersecurity consultation and to see how we can secure your network and work closely with your IT company to give you some peace of mind.

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