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    Urgent Cyber Incident Response Solutions

    Rest assured, our skilled team responds swiftly to cyberthreats and attacks, ensuring effective incident resolution and rapid system recovery, safeguarding your business’s time and money. Learn more about our extensive incident response services now.


    Rapid Response and Recovery Solutions

    Our highly credentialed team acts swiftly to mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and recover your critical systems, minimizing disruption and ensuring operational resilience.


    Strengthen Your Cyber Defense With Forensic Investigations

    Rely on our digital forensic experts to conduct thorough investigations, providing actionable insights for compliance, legal processes, and fortifying your cybersecurity defenses against future incidents.

    Key Cyber Incident Response Solutions

    Depend on our specialists to swiftly respond to cyberthreats, recover critical systems, and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses. We offer a range of comprehensive incident response solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

    Ransomware Negotiation

    Minimize ransomware payments and facilitate data recovery with our experienced negotiators. We handle crypto payments, liaise with law enforcement, and ensure compliance to swiftly resolve your ransomware incidents.

    Incident Response

    Put our cybersecurity specialists in charge of incident response. We provide command and control, coordinate efforts with legal and insurance companies, and follow controlled processes to ensure the best outcome for your business.

    Digital Forensics Investigations

    Our skilled forensics experts meticulously collect relevant data to analyze cyberattacks. We follow a methodical approach, preserve evidence, and provide extensive reports — positioning us as trusted authorities during testimony.


    Throughout the whole process, I felt confident that my emergency was their emergency, and that they were handling it with speed and attention to detail.

    Everyone at Black Talon was professional, supportive, and reassuring, which definitely helped me get through what has certainly been the worst crisis of my 20-year career.

    My case was assigned to Jules who was able to negotiate my ransom down by almost 25% from the original demand. We ended up paying significantly less than the average pay out in these cases.

    Need Help Recovering From a Cyber Incident?

    Contact us now to discuss your cyber incident response needs and discover how our experienced team can swiftly respond, recover, and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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    Swift and Effective Cyber Incident Response

    Discover how our expert cyber incident response services can quickly mitigate threats, accelerate recovery, and fortify your cybersecurity defenses, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

    Collaborative Resolution Expertise

    We work hand in hand with clients, attorneys, law enforcement, and cyber insurance agencies, ensuring effective resolution of cyber events. You can rely on our guidance as we navigate the complexities of cyber incident response together.

    Rapid Ransomware Recovery

    Our experts handle ransom negotiations and crypto payments, collaborating with law enforcement and government entities to ensure compliance, resolve situations promptly, and minimize any impact to your business.

    Comprehensive Forensic Investigation

    Our team assesses breach scenarios, determines the extent of the intrusion, analyzes stolen or monitored data, and preserves evidence, empowering you to strengthen your defenses by understanding how the breach happened.

    Thorough Compliance Assurance

    Ensure compliance and gain peace of mind. We handle digital forensics investigations for current and past breaches, assessing system vulnerabilities, identifying compromised information, analyzing data, and preserving evidence as we guide you through the process.