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    October 24, 2018

    What Do Teeth and Computers Have in Common? They Both Require Proper Hygiene

    As a practitioner, you clearly understand the importance of proper dental hygiene. But have you thought about the importance of proper computer hygiene to protect your critical systems and patient data? 

    Here are some computer hygiene practices that you should implement immediately:  

    1. Implement Strong Passwords Like (iLovePurpleBallOOns#)

    2. Install Anti-Virus Software on all computers and make sure it is up to date

    3. Patch Computers and Applications with the latest releases

    4. Configure your backup properly and try restoring it

    5. Make sure staff are using unique usernames and password

    6. Utilize a cybersecurity company to run vulnerability and penetration tests on your network.

    7. Make sure team members are locking their computers before leaving them unattended

    8. Have your IT company install firmware updates on all your devices

    9. Don't store patient information on local workstations. Save it on the server.

    Networks must be independently audited by a company who specializes in cybersecurity. You can’t have your IT company audit their own work. In addition, engaging with a cybersecurity company like ours can help mitigate risk through HIPAA Compliance, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing.

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