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    EAGLEi: Your Cyber Guardian

    Unleash the power of EAGLEi — your ultimate cyber asset attack surface management solution — and reduce your risk of cyberattacks by up to 90%. Trusted by thousands of businesses, securing over 35,000 computers.


    Full Visibility and Proactive Management

    EAGLEi provides complete visibility into all devices and firewalls, enabling proactive vulnerability management. Stay one step ahead of hackers and take control of your cybersecurity posture with our powerful suite of tools and actionable insights.


    Empowering Autonomous Remediation

    EAGLEi’s powerful autonomous remediation capabilities handle up to 70% of system vulnerabilities automatically, empowering your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and critical tasks. While EAGLEi streamlines the process, it works hand in hand with your team, creating a strong security partnership for your organization.

    Cyber Risk Management Features of EAGLEi

    Enhance your cybersecurity posture with EAGLEi’s comprehensive suite of tools. From risk detection to proactive remediation, EAGLEi equips you with powerful features for effective cyber risk management.

    Continuous Scanning

    EAGLEi conducts regular scans six times per day to pinpoint vulnerabilities across your systems. Stay ahead of hackers by knowing your network’s weaknesses and take proactive measures to protect your business.

    Autonomous Remediation

    Our tool doesn’t just identify vulnerabilities — it takes swift action to remediate them. Empower your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring a strong security posture with our powerful autonomous remediation capabilities.

    Non-Technical Dashboard

    Zero technical knowledge is required to understand your cybersecurity status. EAGLEi’s intuitive dashboard breaks down complex data into actionable insights, simplifying the complexities of cybersecurity data so you can make more informed decisions to safeguard your organization.

    Prioritization and Alerts

    Cut through the noise of cybersecurity alerts with intelligent prioritization. EAGLEi identifies and prioritizes urgent items, saving you time by ensuring that your attention is focused only on critical vulnerabilities and threats. 


    Black Talon helps bring your vulnerabilities to light while providing solutions and advice. They have helped us navigate through our vulnerabilities with the help of our IT company without limiting our capabilities.

    Laurissa Ramirez | Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery Center

    With the significant costs and hardships associated with a breach, my feeling is that this is no longer something that we should be considering, it is a must have.

    Dr. Bart Silverman | BWS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Your IT company’s job is to keep your systems up and running on a daily basis, not cybersecurity. Black Talon will work with your IT company, as a team, to find and close vulnerabilities in your network.

    Dr. Gary Orentlicher | New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery

    Secure Your Network Today

    Empower your business with EAGLEi. Experience world-class cyber risk management today.

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    Why Choose EAGLEi?

    Our solution goes beyond typical cyber software tools. Backed by a dedicated team of security experts, EAGLEi safeguards your network 24/7. Helping you achieve and maintain compliance while providing you with unrivaled protection, we are your steadfast partner in cybersecurity.

    Comprehensive Attack Surface Analysis

    Covering endpoints, firewalls, and even operational risks, EAGLEi provides a complete overview of your business’s attack surface to ensure no vulnerability goes unnoticed.

    Empowered Compliance

    Beyond securing your network, EAGLEi aids in compliance management. To ensure your organization’s adherence to privacy and security regulations, we help you identify high-risk systems and keep your staff properly trained in cybersecurity.

    Backed by Expertise

    EAGLEi is not just software. It’s a solution supported by a team of highly credentialed security engineers, committed to proactively protecting your network and data.

    Secure Infrastructure and Training

    Our holistic approach protects your assets by training your team to avert phishing attacks and other threats. We routinely conduct security risk assessments to identify risky processes and address potential issues with unyielding resolve.