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    December 1, 2021

    Healthcare Cybersecurity

    What is at Risk?

    Healthcare providers and practices of all sizes are primary targets for hackers. Patient records contain valuable information such as names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, names of family members, email addresses, and credit card information. This data is often sold on the Dark Web. A breach of your data will impact patient trust and can leave your practice in financial peril.

    The average healthcare cyber attack results in the practice having to close their doors for 2+ weeks while they struggle to bring their systems back online. This can cost a practice in excess of $170,000 per day depending on the size. The extent of the damage is dependent on the attack group. There have even been some healthcare entities who have gone out of business, post-breach.

    How an Attack Happens

    Practices are typically hacked through network vulnerabilities, phishing emails or social engineering. A cyberattack typically results in data loss due to encryption. If a practice lacks the right cybersecurity, there is the potential that a breach will result in a hacker posting stolen data to public websites.

    Healthcare providers must make sure that they are not relying on their IT vendor for cybersecurity. IT vendors are essential for the basic installation and maintenance of your network, as well as keeping firewalls and anti-virus software up to date. These systems are necessary, but they, alone, are not adequate to keep your practice’s data safe from cybercriminals. Healthcare providers need to ensure that they are working with a dedicated cybersecurity company to create a secure environment

    What Black Talon Can Do

    Black Talon Security provides a holistic approach to preventative healthcare cybersecurity, which encompasses vulnerability management, security risk assessment, cybersecurity awareness training and penetration testing.

    Black Talon takes over where IT leaves off. We are healthcare cybersecurity specialists and have advanced certifications, necessary tools, and real-world experience in healthcare cybersecurity.

    We are US-based, and our focus is on small to medium size healthcare practices. We currently secure over 1,000 locations across the US and are endorsed by major organizations, including insurance companies and national healthcare associations.

    Get on the Right Path Today

    To ensure your system is protected from cyber attacks, please reach out to Black Talon Security. We can assess your existing system and provide the tools you need for stronger cybersecurity.


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