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    January 25, 2018

    SAMSAM Ransomware's Impact on Your Practice

    A new strain of ransomware is plaguing the health care industry. Most often we hear about users who clicked on a link or downloaded a file and instantly were presented with the dreaded, “Your files have been encrypted” screen. In a totally different strain of ransomware attacks lives the SamSam variant. The attack vector here is not the human, but rather an unpatched public-facing server, most often with weak credentials. Attackers can gain access to the server, and from that entry point, can navigate through the internal network. Once inside, the attackers can encrypt files without any user interaction.

    We all know the importance of educating our people, but we must be diligent in protecting our systems. Strong passwords and password procedures must be in place to ensure attackers cannot gain entry. All servers, workstations, and network equipment must be patched in accordance with all manufacturer specifications. A holistic approach to cyber security is an integral part of protecting ourselves from ransomware and other types of potential data breaches. For more information, contact Black Talon Security for a free cyber security assessment. 

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