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Cybersecurity - OMS

Cyber Security Audit to review current HIPAA Policies and Procedures, current security measures in place and interviews with doctors and team members regarding the use of protected health information.


Cyber Security Training (Required under the HIPAA Security Rule) for staff and doctors. Includes simulated phishing and social engineering attacks and certification for all staff for a period of one year, including all new hires.  Training covers how to mitigate risks from ransomware and phishing attacks, etc.

Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning to detect weaknesses in your network, firewall, server, workstations, tablets, printers or almost any device with an IP address. This scan also exposes improper network configurations, out of date software and improperly patched operating systems and software.

Penetration Testing is conducted by our ethical hackers to detect vulnerabilities in your network that a hacker could use to exploit your network and gain access to your patient databases or infect your network with ransomware.

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