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    Cybersecurity for OMSNIC Members

    Black Talon Security is the OMSNIC Preferred Partner for Cybersecurity

    Securing Hundreds of OMS Practices across the US

    Who is Black Talon Security?

    We provide highly sophisticated and SPECIALIZED technology combined with human intellect to identify and mitigate weaknesses in your network that would allow cybercriminals to breach your network, steal your patient data and encrypt it with ransomware.


    Hear from our CEO, Gary Salman, to learn what is at stake should your OMS practice experience a cyber or ransomware attack



    Exclusive Offer for OMSNIC Members
    Try our cybersecurity services for 60 days for FREE! See how EAGLEi® can reduce your practice's risk of a cyberattack firsthand.

    Get a FREE 60-Day Trial of Black Talon Cyber Services

    Let our cyber defenders help

    Why Black Talon?

    Black Talon Security is a U.S.-based company that employs highly-trained and credentialed security engineers who specialize in analyzing networks, applications, and processes to help businesses harden and protect their networks from cyber and ransomware attacks. We are the largest provider of security for dental and medical practices in the U.S.

    OMSNIC Members receive a 15% discount on our cybersecurity services.

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    Security experts watching your network

    Trust the Cybersecurity Specialist

    We are not an IT company or Managed Service Provider. We work hand-in-hand with your current IT resources to provide a true, third-party, independent and ongoing analysis of your network and security posture.

    Just like you are a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Black Talon is a specialist in Cybersecurity. The biggest reason OMS practices are breached and their data compromised is because they were not engaged with a cybersecurity company to protect the them. Just because your IT company is good at fixing your computers DOES NOT mean they are security experts.

    Would you refer your child to a general dentist for Orthognathic Surgery? Probably not.

    Protection Through Partnership

    Our ties to the dental industry throughout the years make us the perfect partner to safeguard your OMS practice from digital intrusions. We secure practices and businesses of all types and sizes with annual revenues ranging from $750,000 to $1.5 billion. We are endorsed by some of the most prestigious state and national organizations, been featured in over 70 national publications and have lectured to 15,000+ healthcare providers and staff.