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Cybersecurity for OMSNIC Members

Black Talon Security is the Preferred OMSNIC Partner for Cybersecurity

Black Talon provides highly sophisticated and SPECIALIZED technology combined with human intellect to identify and mitigate weaknesses in your network that would allow cybercriminals to breach your network, steal your patient data and encrypt it with ransomware. We secure hundreds of OMS practices of all sizes and work with over 100 IT companies across the United States. 

Who is Black Talon Security?

Black Talon Security is a U.S.-based company that employs highly-trained and credentialed security engineers who specialize in analyzing networks, applications, and processes to help businesses harden and protect their networks from cyber and ransomware attacks. We are the largest provider of security for dental and medical practices in the U.S.


We are not an IT company or Managed Service Provider. We work hand-in-hand with your current IT resources to provide a true, third-party, independent and ongoing analysis of your network and security posture.

Just like you are a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Black Talon is a specialist in Cybersecurity. The biggest reason OMS practices are breached and their data compromised is because they were not engaged with a cybersecurity company to protect the them. Just because your IT company is good at fixing your computers DOES NOT mean they are security experts. Would you refer your child to a general dentist for Orthognathic Surgery? Probably not.

Black Talon Security protects over 900 offices across the United States and secures approximately 18,000 devices. We secure practices and businesses of all types and sizes with annual revenues ranging from $750,000 to $1.5 billion. We are endorsed by some of the most prestigious state and national organizations, been published in over 70 national publications and have lectured to 15,000+ healthcare providers and staff.

How Does Black Talon Security Protect Your Livelihood and Practice?
  • We deploy highly sophisticated vulnerability detection software on your computers to find "open doors and windows" that allow a hacker to breach your network and exploit your computers and data

  • We scan your firewall(s) every month to make sure they are properly configured and secured to prevent a hacker from penetrating your network

  • We train you and your team on cyber threats such as phishing, spear phishing and social engineering so they are empowered to make good decisions when using email and the internet and don't expose you to ransomware

  • We conduct a comprehensive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to help you understand where you have risk in your practice

  • We conduct an annual penetration test, performed by a Black Talon Security ethical hacker, to simulate an attack from a criminal organization

  • We provide real-time threat intelligence data and security findings through our cloud-based security portal called EAGLEi. You and your IT company will have instant access to your security data

  • We deploy highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software that can identity, kill and block a cyber attack against your practice...all done fully autonomously.  We also monitor your network for indicators of have a team of highly trained and credentialed experts watching over your network


To Request Additional Information on How Black Talon Security Can Protect You, Please Complete the Form Below or Call Us At 1-800-683-3797
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