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    We help MSPs Stop Breaches and Ransomware Attacks

    All While Increasing Your MRR

    Advance Your Security Stack

    Be Superhero Partners with Black Talon

    Our EAGLEi technology combined with our security engineers monitoring your clients' networks provides your MSP business with an entirely new tool set to help you better protect your clients all while increasing recurring revenue and reducing costly staffing overhead. EAGLEi helps you identify internal and external vulnerabilities, so your team or Black Talon can action on them before the hackers do. Our eyes are your eyes.

    EAGLEi in the sky
    We are not just a tool, but your partner

    EAGLEi® Security Platform

    EAGLEi is your single pane of glass solution that enables MSPs to track internal and external vulnerabilities, perform penetration tests, conduct Security Risk Assessments, implement cybersecurity awareness training, perform simulated phishing attacks, autonomously remediate vulnerabilities and deploy Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology.


    Why Partner With Black Talon Security?

    Grow Revenue Quickly

    Put more money in your pocket quickly with a 50% - 100% markup, no minimum purchase (eliminates up-front risk). 

    Easy Prioritization of Vulnerabilities

    Take the guesswork out of risk-mitigation and identify devices that need to be replaced due to EOL creating additional revenue streams. Get security alerts, dark web scanning, and real-time vulnerability management on endpoints.

    No Additional Overhead

    Reduce staffing requirements, labor and overhead using a simple interface that prioritizes threats and remediation and does autonomous vulnerability patching and remediation. 

    Partner Marketing Materials

    Leverage the Black Talon brand by partnering with the top cybersecurity company in the SMB space and get co-branded marketing materials to quickly add high-profit cybersecurity services to your offering. 

    No Offshoring Operations

    100% of our operations are U.S. based so you're not outsourcing your reputation and clients' security to the same countries that are the biggest threats to their security and your livelihood!


    Black Talon has been exceptional—they are enthusiastic and motivate us to continue to build our own and our clients defenses. A network protected by Black Talon working with an IT provider is better prepared to prevent and survive a cybersecurity event than one managed by an MSP alone.

    Steve McEvoy | President, MME Consulting, Inc.