Our experience in the healthcare market from an information technology standpoint is extremely diverse.  Our corporate roots go back twenty-five years in this market.  Regardless of which EMR/EHR software or imaging system you are running, our Cybersecurity engineers have a very clear understanding of these products and can customize a solution specific to your practice.

Healthcare providers and practices of all sizes are primary targets for hackers. Patient records contain invaluable information that is often sold on the dark-web for identity theft purposes. A breach of your data will impact Patient Trust and leave your practice in financial and potentially compliance perils. The time required to recover from a breach or cyberattack often causes the practice to have to close their doors for days or weeks as they struggle to bring their systems back online. 

We provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity, which encompasses HIPAA compliance, vulnerability management, cybersecurity awareness training and penetration testing services. We will also conduct a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment. Healthcare organizations must understand that risk mitigation is accomplished through a holistic approach, not through "one-off" solutions.

Pricing is based on the number of offices in your practice. For pricing information, please call 800-683-3797.

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