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Used by >1,000 businesses

Securing 27,000+ computers

EAGLEi Reduces Your Risk of a Ransomware Attack by up to 90%

Hackers search for network vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your network and data.  Network vulnerabilities are like the unlocked doors and windows a burglar uses to get into your home.

A cyberattack can shut your business down for days or weeks, ransom demands can easily exceed $150,000 and your business reputation can be damaged beyond repair.

A firewall and anti-virus software alone CANNOT defend your business against modern cyber threats.  Cybersecurity best practices now require a formal vulnerability management system be deployed.

EAGLEi is a vulnerability management tool designed to detect and autonomously remediate vulnerabilities, reducing your risk of being hacked by as much as 90%. 

EAGLEi gives you true transparency into every device and firewall so you can understand and address your cyber risks...before the hackers do.


EAGLEi scans your computers 6x per day detecting vulnerabilities that hackers CAN exploit


EAGLEi autonomously remediates an average of 60% of detected vulnerabilities almost immediately


EAGLEi automatically reports prioritized and detailed instructions for any required manual remediation directly to you and your IT resources for quick response


EAGLEi also provides a non-technical dashboard helping you to validate your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses 


EAGLEi focuses your attention on items that require it most through proactive email alerts and widgets; eliminating wasted time and analysis


EAGLEi shows you how well your team is utilizing our cybersecurity awareness training platform

EAGLEi is not just a piece of software, it's backed by a team of credentialed security engineers watching and monitoring your network, while helping to protect you and your business.

EAGLEi Core Services


The Black Talon Academy

We train and test your entire team on phishing and spear phishing attacks so they are not the cause of a ransomware attack. 

Real-Time Vulnerability Management

We scan your computers every four hours and your firewalls every day looking for entry points that hackers exploit to deploy ransomware

Security Risk Assessment

We conduct a Security Risk Assessment to help you better understand if your current processes increase the risk of a breach

Autonomous Patching and Remediation

We automatically patch and remediate vulnerabilities...eliminating entry points into your network that would result in a breach

Penetration Test by Our Ethical Hackers

Our ethical hackers perform a penetration test to simulate an attack from a cyber criminal to determine your exposure

Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection

Our Artificial Intelligence software detects malicious activity and autonomously fights back 24/7 and alerts our security engineers too
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