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IT vs Cyber Security.  When It Comes To Security...You Need A Team of Specialists

What is the Difference Between IT vs Cyber Security?

In Short, Cybersecurity Professionals Are Specialists in Their Field
We often hear clients say that they don't need a cybersecurity company because their "IT guy" or computer company handles all of their security for data breach prevention. When we interview prospective clients on their current cybersecurity posture, the executives of the organization almost always fail at answering the most basic cybersecurity questions related to their security posture. Relying strictly on an IT company for security is almost guaranteed to put your business or practice in a compromised position. Cybersecurity vs IT security is not the same. IT Companies are NOT cybersecurity companies and they do not have the same level of knowledge, certifications, tools and standard operating procedures required to protect your business from ransomware attacks and cyberattacks. Battling cyber-criminals is something that we do 100% of the time and we are the specialists and experts in this field. For cybersecurity vs IT security, IT companies often use outdated technology and do not understand how hackers breach systems, or how to defend against them.
When it comes to protecting your business, client/patient data and your reputation, you must engage with a company that understands the complex nature of this threat environment and can implement technologies and strategies to defend against cyber threats and ransomware attacks.
The best IT companies tell their clients that they should engage with a cybersecurity company to enhance the security of their network and to independently assess it. If your IT company pushes back, ask yourself, "Why would they not want me to be secure?" The reason IT companies typically push back is because they promised you something they cannot deliver.
Cybersecurity vs IT Security
Too many executives and healthcare providers find themselves on the wrong side of the table when a data breach occurs. When things go bad, you immediately turn to your IT company for help. In many cases, the IT company will say, "Sorry, we are not a cybersecurity company and this is not our fault."
If you don't have a full cybersecurity plan that includes vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, training and an assessment, we should talk.
IT vs Cyber Security | Black Talon Security
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