Cybersecurity for All.

Black Talon Security brings you advanced cybersecurity solutions to help protect your business.

How Can We Help and What Do We Do?
We are NOT an IT company or Managed Service Provider (MSP), but rather a group of highly trained and experienced cybersecurity experts who work in partnership with your IT Company to identify risk in your organization that would enable a hacker to breach your network and gain access to (or encrypt) your data.

Business Continuity

What if tomorrow you found out all your data was stolen and encrypted with ransomware? How would that impact your business operations? What is the impact on your clients? Are you prepared to be out of business for 2+ weeks? We can help.

Why Black Talon Security?

Black Talon Security has been protecting small and medium businesses since 2017 and 100% of our operations are US based. Our customer-focused approach has enabled us to provide industry leading support and customized cybersecurity solutions designed for your specific industry and business' needs. We currently support over 10,000 devices across the US and have done penetration testing for 600+ businesses. We support businesses of all types including: financial institutions, accounting firms, healthcare providers, information technology businesses, managed services providers, insurance companies and agencies, manufacturing, etc. Our primary goal is to help harden your network and train your employees to prevent threat actors from gaining access to your network and data.


The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make as an Owner or Executive of Your Business

Every business that contacts us for help with recovering from a cyberattack has two things in common. First, they relied on basic security solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software. Second, they did not engage with a cybersecurity company to identify risk, harden their network and train their employees. They simply relied on their IT vendor to provide security. Your IT vendor should not be checking and auditing their own security work. It is very poor practice to “self-audit” security. The best IT companies and MSPs always recommend that their clients have an independent company check and verify their security. If your IT vendor pushes back, they truly do not have your best interest in mind. You should sit back and critically ask yourself, "Why would they say we don't need a cybersecurity company?"

Remember, this is your data and ultimately, you are responsible for protecting it. Call us today to learn how implementing a cybersecurity solution in your business can help mitigate the chances of you having to shut down your business operations or having your data stolen.

What Does Black Talon Security Do?

We implement a multi-layered security solution to help prevent a cyber or ransomware attack at your business. WE TAKE OVER WHERE YOUR IT COMPANY LEAVES OFF. Relying strictly on a firewall or software to block an attack, simply won't work. You need to know HOW and WHERE you are VULNERABLE.

Vulnerability Management

Black Talon scans every device on your network for "open doors and windows" that let hackers in. We close them before the hackers find them.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your employees present a tremendous amount of risk to your company. Can they identify threats that come in through email? We train your employees to identify and mitigate risk.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Black Talon can offer part-time virtual chief information security officer services, minimizing the expenses of having a full-time position. Our vCISO's are highly knowledgeable in many areas of IT.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Black Talon will help develop and implement a disaster recovery plan so that your organization knows exactly how to respond to a multitude of disasters.

Penetration Testing

Black Talon's ethical hackers attack your network using the same tools and techniques as cybercriminals and work with your IT vendor to secure your network.

Cybersecurity Audit

Black Talon helps identify weaknesses in your business operating procedures that may result in a breach of your system. We audit your current standard operating procedures and make recommendations.

Application Testing

Black Talon will test your custom or 3rd party software application to identify vulnerabilities that may result in a breach and make recommendations on how to harden your software.

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