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How Much Information is Your Network Letting Through?

Penetration Testing

Hackers are targeting your firewalls, servers and devices using very sophisticated tactics, techniques and procedures. Our ethical hackers will attack your firewall, server and network to find exploits that other technologies simply can’t find. Once this is complete, a detailed report is provided to your IT company/MSP for remediation and risk mitigation purposes.

Why Do I Need A Pen-Test?

The reality is, hackers are pen testing your network without your approval as a way to find vulnerabilities into your network. Penetration testing helps identify where you have risk. In addition, it will help minimize potential down-time due to a breach, help you achieve regulatory requirements, and maintain customer loyalty and trust via a third-party validation from Black Talon.

Data breaches and ransomware attacks are not only extremely costly, but ultimately result in the interruption of your business and the loss of client/customer/patient trust.

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