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Healthcare Cybersecurity

What Is At Risk

Healthcare providers and practices of all sizes are primary targets for hackers. Patient records contain valuable information such as names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, names of family members, email addresses, and credit card information. All this data is often sold on the dark-web for identity theft purposes. A breach of your data will impact patient trust and leave your practice in financial and compliance perils. The time required to recover from a breach or healthcare cybersecurity attack often causes the practice to have to close their doors for days or weeks as they struggle to bring their systems back online.

The average healthcare cybersecurity attack results in the practice having to shut-down for 2+ weeks and easily costs $100,000+. The extent of the damage is dependent on the attack group. There have been some healthcare entities who have even had to shut their doors post-breach.

Can your IT company help you through that and give you the right cyber attack prevention?

How an Attack Happens

A healthcare cybersecurity attack typically happens through encrypting and stealing their data. If they are lacking cyber attack prevention are victims of a ransomware attack and refuse to pay, there is the potential that the hacker will post their stolen data to public websites. This would cause a major HIPAA violation and investigation. They are typically hacked through vulnerabilities that exist on their network, phishing emails, or social engineering.

Healthcare providers must make sure that they are not just relying on their IT vendor for cybersecurity. The role of an IT vendor is the basic installation and maintenance of your network and keeping firewalls and anti-virus software up to date. Firewalls and anti-virus software are still necessary but are no longer adequate to keep data safe from cybercriminals. Healthcare providers need to ensure that they are working with an IT company and a dedicated healthcare cybersecurity company to help ensure a secure environment.


What Black Talon Can Do for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Black Talon takes over where the IT company leaves off with healthcare cybersecurity. We are healthcare cyber attack prevention specialists and have advanced certifications, the necessary tools and the real-world experience in healthcare cybersecurity. Our experience with information technology in the healthcare market is extremely diverse. Our corporate roots go back 25 years. Regardless of which EMR/EHR software or imaging system you are running, our healthcare cybersecurity engineers have a very clear understanding of these products and can customize a solution specific to your practice.

We focus on small to medium size healthcare businesses and are available 24/7. We have endorsements from major organizations, insurance and financial institutions. We are completely US-based and can assist in all 50 states and Canada.

We provide a holistic approach to preventative healthcare cybersecurity, which encompasses HIPAA compliance, vulnerability management, healthcare cybersecurity awareness training and penetration testing services. We will also conduct a thorough HIPAA Risk Assessment. Healthcare organizations must understand that risk mitigation is accomplished through a holistic approach, not through one-off solutions.

In the event of a healthcare cybersecurity attack, we can provide a full forensics investigation to see if any healthcare information has been exfiltrated from the network.  This will help us determine if reporting is required to the Office of Civil Rights/Health and Human Services for any potential HIPAA violations.


Get on the Right Path Today

To ensure your system is protected from healthcare cybersecurity attacks, please reach out to Black Talon Security by calling 800-683-3797 today. We can assess your existing system and provide the tools you need for stronger cyber attack prevention.

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