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Empower Your Team To Make Good, Secure Decisions

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a very powerful solution that helps mitigate the “employee risk factor.” By properly training your employees on threats that present through the use of email and the internet, you can minimize your exposure by reducing the chances of an employee clicking on a malicious link, attachment or falling for a social engineering scam.

Your Employees Need Training
Black Talon has trained thousands of employees, in a multitude of industries, on cybersecurity threats. Your team knows that the use of email and the internet can present danger due to malicious emails. Can all your employees clearly identify a phishing, spear phishing, fake password reset or malicious attachment? Our webinar-based training provides both a mindset and a methodology to stay safe while using the internet.

Constant Reminders

A training program doesn't end with a is a continuous process that includes follow-up training, constant reminders and refreshers.

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