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Cyber Vulnerability Management

Nobody Wants to Feel Vulnerable.

Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Every one of your devices is vulnerable and can be potentially exploited by threat actors. You want to believe that running updates and working with an IT company covers you...but that is just not the case. Your devices are vulnerable and can be used as a launching pad by hackers to attack your network.


Utilizing the most advanced technology, Black Talon Security places software on your network that actively tries to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your network, server and firewall.  The software detects vulnerabilities such as: weak passwords, out of date operating systems/software and open ports on your network and firewall. There are approximately 20,000 known computer and device vulnerabilities and our software can find all of them, mitigating your risk. New vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis, and businesses have to implement a structured and continuous process to constantly monitor and manage vulnerabilities.

Predictive Threat Intelligence Software
Imagine being able to identify, in real-time, the “unlocked doors and windows” on your network that hackers can use to break in and actually be able to close them prior to an attack. Our Predictive Threat Intelligence software does exactly that and finds 70% more vulnerabilities than traditional vulnerability scans. Hackers exploit computers and networks by finding vulnerabilities and executing code that often provides them full access to your system or encrypts your data with ransomware. In addition, we receive live intelligence feeds from various agencies and organizations and this threat data is cross-referenced with our real-time vulnerability data to alert us of high-risk vulnerabilities on your network. Using this information, we can make a proactive call to your business and alert you. This solution is a total game-changer in the security world and allows you to be proactive instead of reactive to an attack.

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