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Ransomware Recovery

We Are Here To Help Your Business Recover When You Need Us the Most. . .

A ransomware attack on your business is a very significant event. In many cases, threat actors (hackers) have been on your network for weeks conducting surveillance. Many new strains of ransomware will first steal your data, then encrypt it. If you fail to pay the ransom demand, the threat actors will publish your data to a public website. If you do not have viable backups, you will most likely have to pay the ransom demand in order to recover your data. In some cases, Black Talon Security can recover files without having to pay the ransom.

Ransomware Recovery and Response


Incident Response
The minutes, hours and days following a breach often determine the severity and the outcome of the breach. It is imperative that you work with a cybersecurity firm that truly understands all aspects of breach response. Many state and federal laws dictate how a breach must be handled. All evidence and data must be carefully preserved. Systems may need to be shut down and brought back online systematically in order to prevent further attacks or loss of data. Determining how the threat actors breached the system and analysis of forensics data are required to help the business fully understand their overall risk and proper course of action.

​Upon notification of a breach, Black Talon Security can put "boots on the ground" to provide command and control of the situation. We will coordinate efforts between legal, IT and insurance companies...ultimately taking you through very controlled and thorough processes to help maximize the best outcome for the business.

How Does Black Talon Security Help Me Recover from an Attack?

We provide a multitude of services that can assist you with either partial or full recovery.

Ransomware Help

Ransomware Negotiation

Black Talon's team of trained negotiators will negotiate on your behalf to help minimize your ransomware payment and facilitate the recovery of your data.

Ransomware Investigation

Digital Forensic Investigations

Black Talon's forensic examiners will conduct a thorough investigation.

When your system is compromised by a cyber or ransomware attack, a methodical approach has to be taken to preserve data and analyze it. 

Ransomware Incident Response

Incident Response

Black Talon's incident response team will help you recover from an attack by taking "the lead" and systematically bring critical systems back online.

Ransomware Recovery by Black Talon
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