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Client Testimonials

Gary –


I want to thank you and the Black Talon team for the Cybersecurity services, including the staff training and education, that you are providing us.  Everyone hears about cyberattacks but, as oral surgeons, we are never really focused on them.  Our focus has always been on providing the best patient care.


We understand that It is also our responsibility to protect our patient’s data and your services are now a necessity to protect this sensitive information from hackers.  With 10 locations, a data breach would be devastating to our practice from a public relations and trust standpoint and would be very difficult to overcome.  We have all worked too hard to build our practice and reputation to have it destroyed by one wrong click of an attachment in an email.


Thank you again for the hard work, dedication and commitment that you have shown in helping us become more aware of the risks at hand.  We highly recommend Black Talon Security and would welcome any calls from offices who may have questions about your services.  We can sleep better at night knowing that Black Talon Security is our cybersecurity partner.

Gordon L. Brady, DMD

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