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Cyber Security For Accountants and Accounting Firms

What Do Accountants Risk In a Cyber Security Attack?

All industries are vulnerable to a cyber security attack and cyber threats, but CPAs, accountants, and their office staff are a major target due to the personal financial information they house. This includes prior tax returns, names, social security numbers, home and work addresses, earnings information, and more. If these are not protected with data breach security, your firm can be in serious trouble. 

Accounting firms need to know that their network is secure and that their client data is safe with data breach security while at rest and in transit. While an IT company can help set up safeguards to keep your data secure, you need to have it routinely tested and updated using the various services in cyber security companies.


How an Accounting Firm Attack Happens

Accounting firms are often the victims of a cyber attack when working with third parties that are not secure, when they have network vulnerabilities, from phishing scams, through social engineering, or having their business email compromised.

Cyber threats can close your doors for 2-6 weeks while you recover your data and get your system back up and running. However, these threat groups have been known to completely shut an accounting firm’s doors.

The loss of tax returns and financial data not only impacts the firm, but your clients as well. You will not only have to deal with the cost of the breach in the form of ransom payments and paying a cyber security company to recover and restore your information, you will also have to pay the opportunity cost of not accepting new business, not being able to work on existing business, and the negative PR that can result after a breach.


What Black Talon Can Do to Help Data Breach Security

When it comes to data breach security your highly sensitive financial information, it’s always best to have a team in your corner that you can trust to protect you against cyber threats. Your IT company is a great place to start, but Black Talon takes over where the IT company leaves off.  We are specialists at various services in cyber security and have advanced certifications, the necessary tools, and real-world experience with protecting accounting firms.

Black Talon Security can help firms implement advanced data breach security measures and cyber attack prevention to protect client data and ensure business continuity. We do this by implementing these technologies/services in cyber security:

  • Cyber security Audit

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Employee Training

  • Penetration Testing

  • Breach Response

  • Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

  • Infrastructure Recommendations

  • Development and Implementation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)


Contact Us Today!

Is your firm positioned to properly defend against cyber threats and Ransomware? If not, we encourage you to give us a call today. We can assess your current network set-up to determine where you are vulnerable and provide the tools you need to secure these areas. We can also train your staff to identify and mitigate potential attacks before they can ruin your business and reputation. Please call 800-683-3797 to learn more about data breach security and what we can do for you and schedule your cyber security audit today. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us online. We’ll be happy to talk you through our process and provide you with peace of mind.

cyber security for accountants and accounting firms
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