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That Feeling You Get Knowing Your Business is Secure...

Imagine arriving at your office and discovering that 100% of your computers are encrypted with ransomware. You contact your IT vendor, and they say, “we have a major problem.” Not only is your data encrypted, but the hackers left a note indicating they also STOLE your data. Then you find out all your backups, including your Cloud backup, are gone. Through an investigation, it is determined that hackers installed screen sharing software four weeks prior to the ransomware attack and have been watching everything you do on your computer -- including accessing your Cloud software. What do you do next?


Some common themes that we have seen in these attacks against businesses of all sizes are:

  • Each business owner/executive thought they were protected by their IT company

  • Every business had a firewall and anti-virus software

  • The recovery costs and practice interruption resulted in businesses spending in excess of $100,000

  • All local backups were encrypted with ransomware and many of the Cloud backups were destroyed by the hackers

  • Most systems had been compromised for days or weeks prior to the IT company or practice ever knowing that they had been breached


It is important to understand that IT companies are not cybersecurity companies.  Relying strictly on your IT company may ultimately result in a disaster that could have easily been avoided.  It is critical for you to understand the importance of engaging with a company who specializes in security.

Contact us today at (800) 683-3797 or complete the form below learn how you can protect your business and from a cyberattack AND Rreceive special SiriusXM pricing.


It’s not IF it will happen to you, but WHEN.  Let us help you avoid being the next victim.

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