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Services in Cybersecurity and Cyber Investigations for Schools

What’s At Risk

Schools and universities have a unique set of requirements related to protection of their student data and infrastructure. This data includes names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, and even parents’ personal and financial information. Some schools do not realize that they also have electronic protected health information (ePHI) that needs to be protected from cyber threats. With strong services in cybersecurity and cyber investigations, schools can feel safe and protected.

Your IT vendor can help with the basic network set-up, but firewalls and anti-virus software are not enough to keep your data safe from cybercriminals or fully protected with data breach security.


How an Attack Happens

You want to ensure your network is secure, your students are safe, and that if you are providing them with a laptop or tablet to take home, it is secure as well and any threats are attended by the right cyber investigations and data breach security. Phishing, social engineering, school email compromise, ransomware attacks, and the security of various remote tools being used are all threats to the security of a school’s network. Without services in cybersecurity and cyber investigations, you run the risk of your students’ and parents’ data being compromised. You may even have to shut down your school while you recover your data and network. Not only is this bad for your school, it is also harmful to your students, parents, and reputation.

You can’t rely only on your IT vendor to keep you safe. Make sure they are working with a dedicated cybersecurity company to provide the highest level of protection for your school.


What Black Talon Can Do

Black Talon takes over where your IT company leaves off. We are specialists at services in cybersecurity. We have advanced certifications, the necessary tools, and real-world experience to prevent cyber attacks from happening, but make the recovery process much quicker and easier in case you are attacked.

Black Talon Security cyber investigations can implement our holistic approach to security by identifying risk in your school that would result in a breach. A corrective action plan can be implemented to mitigate vulnerabilities and risk. We can also train your staff on FERPA in order to help achieve compliance with this Federal regulation.

What sets us apart is that we are available 24/7 from our home base in New York. We have endorsements from major organizations including insurance and financial institutions. We are completely US-based and can provide services in cybersecurity across all 50 states and Canada. No matter the size of your school, we can expand as needed to secure your network and data from cybersecurity threat groups across the world.


Start Securing Your Network Today​ with Cyber Investigations

For more information about how Black Talon can help secure your students’ and parents’ data, as well as your network, with cyber investigations, please give us a call at 800-683-3797. We can schedule a time for a cybersecurity audit that will tell us where your network is vulnerable. We can then provide the tools and technologies to secure those vulnerable areas and train your staff to identify potential threats before they happen. Please feel free to send us a message online if you have any questions about our services in cybersecurity or how we can best safeguard your school’s system.

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