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HIPAA Compliant? Think Again.

HIPAA Compliant? Think Again!

A Seminar Hosted by Integrity Solutions Group (

HIPAA Compliance is not just about buying a book, completing a form online or buying insurance. It is a complete process which includes HIPAA Policies and Procedures, staff training, risk assessment, and Cyber Security. More importantly, the aforementioned items must be implemented. If you are missing any of these pieces, you are not HIPAA compliant.

The importance of Cyber Security in today’s environment cannot be overemphasized. Continuous monitoring and adopting a more proactive approach toward managing and protecting your network is crucial. Practices all over the country are being adversely impacted by Malware, Ransomware and data breaches. The impact of an attack is debilitating, and will result in a major interruption in your practice. The attack often takes weeks to mitigate, leaving your computer network inaccessible. The financial impact from lost revenue and fines is overwhelming.

Join us on Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 6:30 PM to 8:30PM

For a highly informative HIPAA Compliance and Cyber Security Lecture.

The Following Topics Will be Covered:

The HIPAA Security Rule Attendees will learn about the HIPAA Security Rule and how it is a critical component of HIPAA Compliance

Cyber Security Threats Attendees with take an in depth look at Cyber Security Threats and how to minimize their exposure. In addition, a high-level review of some recent attacks on dental practices will be presented.

Best Practices Attendees will learn how to incorporate training, technology and 3rd party verification into their threat mitigation process

Speaker We are very excited to announce that Gary Salman, the CEO of Black Talon Security, will be presenting on these topics. Gary brings 26 years of Dental Technology experience to his presentation and his company specializes in HIPAA compliance and Cyber Security for the dental industry.

Heavy appetizers and drinks will be provided

Please RSVP by February 1st to or 513-252-0500 option 1.

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