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Letter from Bill Passolt, CEO and President of OMSNIC

March 26, 2018

As you are aware, OMSNIC is dedicated to protecting you and your practice from liability.  Our commitment to you continues as we are pleased to announce that OMSNIC has selected Black Talon Security as our exclusive partner for Cyber Security solutions.

It is important that we find companies we can trust to help our members comply with the HIPAA Security Rule and ensure your practices are safeguarded from cyber attacks.  With the HIPAA Security Rule in place, it can be hard to keep up with your requirements as a practitioner.  While most members have a local IT company handling their hardware, software and malware protection, we believe OMS practices benefit from having a specialist like Black Talon Security to supplement their local IT support.

Black Talon Security has extensive experience in the OMS specialty, and are experts in Cyber Security. Black Talon Security will perform audits and tests of your current security solutions and then work with your IT vendor to mitigate vulnerabilities in your network.  Services available to you include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber Security Audit

    • Review of all HIPAA policies, procedures, and risk assessment


  • Cyber Security Training

    • Webinar for all Doctors and Staff

    • Simulated phishing and social engineering attacks

    • Training and certification for all Doctors and Staff for a period of one year, including all new hires during that period.  Training covers how to mitigate risks from ransomware and phishing attacks, etc.


  • Vulnerability Testing (designed to find weaknesses in your network infrastructure)

    • Quarterly internal scanning of computers, servers, printers and other IP connected devices in order to identify vulnerabilities that allow hackers to gain access to your network

    • Quarterly external scanning of firewall(s) to identify vulnerabilities

    • Comprehensive reports are provided to your IT company which detail the vulnerability, risk and processes to mitigate the vulnerability

  • Penetration Testing

    • Ethical hacker performs tests to exploit weaknesses in your firewall, server, workstations and network devices that would enable a hacker to gain access to your data and networks

    • Results from ethical hacker are turned over to your IT provider for remediation purposes

    • Testing performed on an annual basis

OMSNIC members will receive 15% off Black Talon Security’s services.  You can learn more about these services at or contact Black Talon Security at 800-683-3797.  Simply provide the code OMSNIC15 when you call to receive the discount.

We hope you take advantage of this offer to protect yourself, your practice and your patients from cyber risks.




William C. Passolt

President & CEO

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