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Cybersecurity Services for Connecticut State Dental Services, LLC dba The PROPS Center

Black Talon Security would like to offer special CSDA member pricing* and CSDS customer discount pricing. 

*Open to all dental practices in Connecticut. 

PROPS Center

You have set up a great team of professionals at your business -- but sometimes you need a specialist to take care of a critical issue. Cybersecurity is one of those issues. At Black Talon Security, our team of professionals has decades of experience in information security and technology. Let us protect your critical data with the best cyber defense. It is our specialty.

We see cyber and ransomware attacks every week, and this is what these attacks all have in common:

1. Each business thought they were protected by their IT company
2. All offices had a firewall and anti-virus software
3. The recovery costs and business interruption resulted in a total cost to the business in excess of $100,000
4. All local backups were encrypted with ransomware and many of the Cloud backups were destroyed by the hackers
5. Most systems had been compromised for weeks prior to the IT company or business knowing that they had been breached


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