Specializing in Network Vulnerability Testing and HIPAA Compliance for Dental Practices

Is Your Practice Secure? Be Proactive about Your Data Security.

Imagine the ramifications for you, your staff and patients if you had a data breach.

  • What if your data was locked up due to ransomware?

  • How long would it take to reconfigure and restore all your data?

  • What will a business interruption cost you, your practice and reputation?

Practices can no longer be passive about their data integrity and security.  There is just too much risk.

Cyber Security Risk Analysis

Regardless of how well you think your network security is configured, there are always vulnerabilities.  Black Talon Security, with your permission, ethically attempts to hack/exploit the vulnerabilities in your network, server & workstations and website and provides a remediation plan to remove the exploits. We also educate your staff on phishing scams, social engineering and physical security in order to prevent your practice from falling victim to these very effective techniques.


We can also install a very powerful IPS (intrusion protection system) device in your office that monitors your network 24/7 and provides our operations center with information on vulnerabilities or attacks.  Our operations center then notifies you and your IT company and can take immediate action to reduce or eliminate the attack.

Our CyberSecurity Risk Analysis allows us to do a preliminary evaluation of your network and identify areas of weakness that need to be addressed.

Why Do I Need To Be Concerned?

Every day, small, medium and large practices are being targeted by hackers.  Your critical and valuable patient data is at risk.  Most practice owners think their practice is not going to be a target, but rather believe large groups and hospitals are the primary targets.  This is just not true. Hackers are looking to exploit the weakest links. Private practices typically do not deploy the same level of security that larger institutions do. And with thousands of patient files on your network, your data is worth a small fortune. Hackers typically value a medical record at $60 due to the complete profile of the individual such as SS#, DOB, address, relatives, etc.  For comparison purposes, Social Security numbers sell for $10.

Firewalls and anti-virus software are only the first step of a secure network. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are the real validations you need to verify the integrity of your network and the security of your patient data. Another key component of security relates to phishing scams and social engineering.  Part of our solution involves educating you and your team members, via webinars, on potential threats that originate via email and phone calls.

HIPAA compliance is not just about getting a document signed and pretending you are complying. It's about utilizing best practices to insure that you are doing everything possible to protect vital patient data.  Penetration testing is the industry standard for security validation.  If you have a breach and you cannot say that you utilized penetration testing to validate your security, you may not be HIPAA compliant, incur increased liability and face significant government fines.

Don't Pretend it Can't Happen to Your Practice!

The Ripple Effect of a Data Breach is Paralyzing

Don't leave your practice exposed to a data breach, ransomware or HIPAA fines by risking everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Please contact us today for a CyberSecurity consultation and to see how we can secure your network and work closely with your IT company to give you some peace of mind.