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Georgia Dental Association Member Benefits

Georgia Dental Association (GDA) Member Benefits

As a member of the GDA, you are entitled to special benefits related to Black Talon Security Services. 

Hear Dr. Jep Paschal (Orthodontist) talk about the importance of having an independent cybersecurity company assess your network.









Cybersecurity Services (10% off normal fees):

  • Real-Time Vulnerability Management on all computers and servers - We identify the “unlocked doors and windows” on your network that could be an entry point for hackers to take over your system.

  • Firewall Testing - We will test your firewall on a monthly basis for vulnerabilities.

  • Predictive Threat Intelligence - We receive real-time intelligence feeds from various government agencies and cross-reference this information with our client's network vulnerabilities to alert on very high-risk vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Testing - We conduct an annual penetration test on your external network, simulating an attack from a criminal. The data is turned over to your IT company for remediation.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Your team presents "click-risk" to your practice. We teach them how to identify threats that present in emails or when using the internet. Our training empowers everyone to make educated decisions.

  • Cybersecurity Audit - We conduct a one and a half hour audit with you and your IT company to help you identify where you have risk within your organization. A comprehensive report is then created with recommendations on how to further harden and protect your practice from hackers.

  • Simulated Phishing Attacks- We will conduct simulated phishing attacks against your practice to test the ability of your team to identify threats that present in emails.

For additional information, please contact us at 800-683-3797.

Backed by Positive Reviews from YOUR Colleagues

I want to thank you and the Black Talon team for the Cybersecurity services, including the staff training and education, that you are providing us.  Everyone hears about cyberattacks but, as oral surgeons, we are never really focused on them.  Our focus has always been on providing the best patient care.


We understand that It is also our responsibility to protect our patient’s data and your services are now a necessity to protect this sensitive information from hackers.  With 10 locations, a data breach would be devastating to our practice from a public relations and trust standpoint and would be very difficult to overcome.  We have all worked too hard to build our practice and reputation to have it destroyed by one wrong click of an attachment in an email.


Thank you again for the hard work, dedication and commitment that you have shown in helping us become more aware of the risks at hand.  We highly recommend Black Talon Security and would welcome any calls from offices who may have questions about your services.  We can sleep better at night knowing that Black Talon Security is our cybersecurity partner.


Gordon L. Brady, DMD – Oral Surgery Associates and Dental Implant Centers (Atlanta, GA)

We have been working with Black Talon since mid-2019. The training they provide to our entire team combined with the regular vulnerability scans and threat analysis help us rest assured we are doing everything we can to protect our patients and our practice. They continue to work in tandem with our IT vendor to patch any vulnerabilities as they arise.


Paul G. Trotter, DMD - Trotter Orthodontics (Augusta, GA)

I firmly believe that EVERY dentist needs to contract with a security company outside of their IT Company. Many of the dental security breaches over the last several months nationwide have actually gained access to their office through their IT Company. I have worked with Black Talon Security for 2 years and can tell you that they are very professional and have helped us tremendously in making our office much less likely to have a security breach. They even worked with our entire staff to help them learn how to best protect our office from hackers. I can highly recommend Black Talon. 

 Dr. Eddie Pafford  - Smile Gwinnett (Lawrenceville, GA)