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Recovering From A Cyber Security Event Can Be Made Easier.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Regardless of the size of your organization, you must have proper plans, policies and procedures in place to mitigate risk to your business and ensure business continuity. These plans must take into account numerous possibilities and variables in order for the business to recover from an event as quickly and painlessly as possible. Data loss and extortion are significant problems that cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars and business executives must prioritize disaster recovery budgets and resources accordingly.


Policies and Procedures

Black Talon Security will work closely with your business to develop, implement and test policies and procedures that will help recover vital and critical business infrastructure in the event of an attack, disaster or data corruption.


A Phased Approach
Black Talon Security will implement a four phase approach to help you develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Phase 1: Discovery of all critical systems and infrastructure
Phase 2: Evaluation of each critical system and its impact to the business
Phase 3: Authoring of Standard Operating Procedures that will ultimately become your DRP
Phase 4: Testing of the DRP which includes assisting the organization at implementing the SOPs, customizing the SOP for each business unit, and performing a simulated disaster recovery exercise to validate the effectiveness of the DRP.



Black Talon Security will deliver the following:

  • Written Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Written Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures

  • Network Diagrams

  • Data Flow Diagrams

  • Corrective Action Plan

  • Documented Testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan

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