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Data Breach Cost Calculator

Get The True Cost Of A Data Breach

There is more to a security data breach than just the ransom or data recovery costs. Take some time to think about the ramifications of a security data breach and the financial impact it has on your business. This is an estimate (not a quote for services) based on the number of records in your database and computers you have. It does not take into account:

  • lost revenue due to bad PR

  • closing your business while you recover your data and network

  • class action lawsuits from customers/patients for potential identity theft

  • government fines

  • and more


Security data breach prevention is less expensive than you think.  For just a few hundred dollars, on average, Black Talon can secure your network and put safeguards in place to help you save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in the event of a breach.


It’s hard to put a dollar amount on peace of mind, but if you’d like to get a quote for how Black Talon can assist your business, please contact us today. We can provide a free assessment of your existing network and make suggestions for how to improve it, as well as training your staff to identify cyber threats before they become cyber attacks. Take a look at our full range of data breach prevention services and how we respond to ransomware attacks.

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